alexa and google home

mark rask

Have any of you come up with any ways to start using the alexa tool to drive traffic to your store?

Derrick Woolfson

@Mark - that is an awesome idea! I wonder if you have an app like "My CarFax, Repair Pal, Open Bay, or a dealer app" if you can set alerts for when it is time for service. And Alexa or Google would alert you. As well as offering specials. 

mark rask

@derrick Those are great ideas.....try asking your device about scheduling an oil change......or try asking it to find a type of vehicle for sale

Jason Stum

Good timing on asking this question, Mark! I'm currently putting together a presentation for DSES (assuming my application is accepted) where I'm going to present original research based on the capabilities of the Amazon Echo & Google Home and how it relates to you at the dealership. While I don't have much to report on at this point in time, I can say that some of the initial research that I've done so far is fascinating :) 

Chris K Leslie

I could totally see any assistant with an API being built in to Conversations or a messenger/chatbot down the road. I know Joe already did a video with Car Play if I remember correctly Jason. 

mark rask

@Jason let me know what you come up with

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