Allow Car dealers to get listed for free.

Sensei Malakay

I have built a website that will drive more traffic to a car dealer website by sharing their Google car feed.

My concern is that most car dealers will not know what a Google car feed is and they will not understand how I can help them drive more traffic to their website.

Any information from your part would be helpful.  Do you know what a Google car feed is?

Dealer Guy

I tried for many years to do this - what is it? Perhaps, sites like Autotrader can just charge the customers about $50 to send in a lead - that's what it costs the dealer. Each one. AT leads close at 5%. You do the math.

Sensei Malakay

What it does is simple, the aggregator site gets the google feed from the dealer's website.  The cars in the feed get displayed in an SEO optimized page for keywords for the city in the state that the dealer is in.  For example-  This page show a list of cars for a dealer in Shreveport, LA.  Because the domain name has a high Domain Authority, the links to the dealer's websites are weighted heavily and cause the dealer's inventory in their website to show up on the first page or near the first page when people search for specific cars.

I have been thinking of a marketing strategy to inform the car dealers of what I can do for them.  Any help would be appreciated.

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