Amazon Launches Massive Virtual Showroom "Vehicles"

Marissa Marazzi

Today- the world's largest online retailer, Amazon, released a new extension to their online automotive platform today, “Vehicles", a place to “see specs, read reviews and ask owners”. 

In a statement, Adam Goetsch, director of Amazon Automotive, said the purpose of the new site is to "support customers during one of the most important, research-intensive purchases in their lives by helping them make informed decisions."

It is important to note that this new site will about users to submit reviews and pictures on specific vehicles- just like other Amazon products. As you can imagine this is either going to be a very good or bad thing for automotive retailers. 

---> You can read more about it here

What are your thoughts on Amazon's newest move???

I have a few concerns about how this will impact dealer's digital results but my immediate concern is how Amazon is going to filter these reviews and ensure they aren't "paid reviews" or worst, negative reviews by competitors. 

mark rask

This should be interesting. Not sure why the oem's didnt start this with dealers first

mark rask

Will the delivery person even know the car or just pitch the keys?

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