Any interest in a Mystery Shop Cooperative?

Brandon McNett

I know there are a ton of vendors out there that offer mystery shops with feedback, coaching, training, etc.  I'm not looking to spend money and I'm not a huge fan of introducing a ton of vendors into the inner workings of our dealership.  I'm interested in DIRECTLY connecting with other dealers that have feedback, advice and working knowledge into what they're doing or what I can do better.


I'm thinking that it would be as easy as submitting an internet lead (share the name it's submitted under with the BDC Manager) to let the process play out - emails, phone calls, etc....providing/sharing feedback between Managers.  Also, I've created a pretty simple yet informative Inbound Sales Call scoring sheet...that we could utilize to score and rate each other.  Anyone have interest in engaging in this with me?

Real feedback, from real dealers and real solutions!


mark rask

Sounds like a good idea.....I am in a internet twenty group and we have been doing this for quite some time 


Mystery shops are a great way to identify problems that we may not be aware of in our processes and follow up but the key is taking measures to correct the issues with a proven solution. I conduct training for BDC and Internet teams-If you looking for the most thorough and comprehensive mystery shop available, I'd be happy to provide one at no investment if you are considering a trainer for your staff. 

 Feel free to reach out at, or phone at 708-RED-LINE I'm also on Linked In if you'd like to connect there as well. 

Julie Yap

Brandon.  I would love to help with this process.  I am  recently retired from auto sales (and internet sales manager).  Can't hack the hours on the lot anymore, miss the dealership atmosphere (crazy right?).  I've been appalled at some of the sales practices that I've seen lately.  I would love to help make the experience better for customers.    Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.        Julie V Yap



Brandon McNett

Colin, I'm all good with developing, training and instituting processes.  Further more, holding people accountable is part of our job.  I'd like other people in the industry to provide real life feedback and perspectives.  Share things that they do, share things that they think, or work on developing crazy out of the box ideas.  


Mark, I'm trying to get my GM to get into an Internet 20 Group...I think it would be HUGE for me. 

Julie, I'm travelling today will likely reach out to you tomorrow!


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