Anyone using Call Recording/Call Tracking Software?

Brandon McNett

I have a dealership in our group that is looking at adding a program for call recording and committing to a call review program.  I've heard of several and worked with a couple....but I was interested in a couple of items:


Mark Rask

we use an outdated tracking system called asterisk

Jason Walling

Participated in a beta with CallRevu360, initiated by American Honda. Liked the product enough to sign up after the trial program completed. Calls are recorded and transcribed with synopsis' emailed to management. Sometimes they are a little off, but otherwise good product. Have used Who's Calling in the past as well. Prefer CallRevu360.

Cyrus Glennon

Hey Brandon,

What were the items you were interested in? It looks like you had a list but it didn't make it to the post. Love to help just not sure how.... 

Cassie Broemmer

Hi Brandon, 

I'd be happy to get someone on our team to walk you through our product, Car Wars. Feel free to email me:  


Thank you,

Cassie Broemmer




harold cochran

Car wars is the best in class recording system 

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