Anyone using "CRM Suite" by iMagicLab???

Carlo Castillo
IMagicLab has a new CRM called "CRM Suite".Is Anyone using it or thoughts from a Demo?
Collin Davis
I haven't used it, but as a technology professional who evaluates products and builds them, it looks very impressive. It's definitely in-line with what non-automotive CRM's are doing today which is adding business intelligence via social profiles. Let me know how you like it!
Carlo Castillo
Will do Colin.....thanks
mark rask
It looks pretty good.....please let me know how you like it. We are currently using dealer socket
Steve Maybee
I did the Demo. Looks impressive. Looked at them, Dealer Socket, Vin, and Drive Centric. My main goal was to be able to shoot video within the CRM. It seems that all of the video add on companies require a download to you tube then go back and copy and paste the link in an email. So, I went with Drive Centric. If video is not something you are looking at, then I think any of them are just fine.
Collin Davis
@ Steve - we offer full-motion video test drives you can share via CRM, email, or social media so it links back to your dealership's website. No need to post the video to YouTube and then grab the link. These are videos that are already created though -- not something you film and upload yourself. Ping me if you're interested.

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