Appointments Made/Show Ratio

Christine Hoyt

What are some ways that you have found that help your Internet Sales Team ensure that the appointments they make show? Our ratio is getting worse and worse and we need to find the remedy!

We only make appointments if a customer can commit to a day/time or day and time frame (so we're not setting fake appointments). Currently we send out an e-mail with the appointment information at the time we make the appointment. Either the Coordinator or our Manager will make confirmation calls the day before or the morning of.

Please help and thank you for your time and efforts in advance!




this can be due to a number of things. I'll focus on some things that can help. 

I would recommend not using  the word "appointment" to your customers. It's a harsh, abrasive word that talks about OUR agenda. You certainly don't want to ever mention the word "appointment" on a voicemail either.  It's the same as identifying yourself as a BDC rep.  Customers have  no idea what it is or how it benefits them. Replace the word "appointment" with "VIP Priority test drive" (it also helps to do the things like preparing the vehicle and pulling it up into a designated "VIP area" to match and exceed the expectations that are expressed on the phone when they arrive. 

make sure you're setting VIP TEST DRIVES with a specific time and date. You mentioned "time frame", and that makes me think the reps are using vocabulary like "around" , "between X:XX and X:XX " or "after X:XX when you get off of work". Whenever I hear a rep using that kind of vocabulary it's an immediate TO as they are not building the immediacy and the customer does not feel the same sense of urgency to make or keep the time commitment. 

It has been psychologically proven that people are more likely to remember 1:45 or 2:15 TEST DRIVES  than those set on the hour or half-hour (2:00 or 2:30). The result is that customers take it more seriously and hold themselves more accountable resulting in higher show rates.

It's also effective to say something along the lines of "we'll be expecting you at X:XX, if something changes on your end please let me know as a final wrap up to the call and remind them what you'll be doing to prepare for their VIP Test Drive. (having the vehicle pulled up front, gassed, washed etc) This will not only build value in your dealership by bragging about what you do differently but it will also increase the customer's accountability to keeping (or at least calling to reschedule proactively in advance)  I LOVE calls when a customer phones to say they need to reschedule because it means the reps are creating the "appointment" mindset.

Make sure to mention the specific VIP PRIORITY TEST DRIVE time 3-4X's once they've committed. It's like verbal seo..this can be done by casually working it into the conversation (ex: when you arrive at 2:15 we will have the malibu pulled up, washed and gassed) 

Make sure your customer writes the commitment time down. This is huge. Simply ask "do you have a pen handy". (if they say no) simply say: no problem I'll wait...this always works and gets the customer to take the appointment time more seriously. 

It's great you're confirming the commitment times!

I could go on and on. If you need on or offsite phone training I can help.



Christine Hoyt

Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate your time and thorough response. I will definitely consider further training with you.

Chris K Leslie

Sometimes it makes sense to add more to the conversation than just a Confirmation email. I like to have our BDC folks still send out vehicle related emails. With the idea that we want the person to stay excited about the car and not lose interest. 

A lot of times we get to the point of making the appt and then just hope they show without doing anything in the meantime to help keep them involved. 

Sometimes we'll send out videos of the car, or brochures. Just because the customer already make the appt with us doesn't mean they still cant get swayed by someone else who might have a sexier email template or something.. 

Joe Tareen

Listen to calls make sure they are valid and solid appointments,. Sometimes BDC agents can get a bit zealous trying to work that pay plan. Break down statistically which agent has the worst show to appointment ratio. Work on the talk track that ensures customer true intention of showing up.  Good Luck!

Michael Smith


I have been in your boat before.  Nothing more frustrating than watching numbers drop and not being able to identify the issue.  Are appointments being confirmed?  If not just a conformation from alone is going to increase show rate by 20% (cox number) and it goes up with manager conformation.  Appointments made more than 24 hours out are just an appointment to schedule a time to confirm (imo).

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