Are ADWords worth the money?

John Kandi
I have heard people say Adwords are the best things since sliced bread, and others say that it is to expensive for the results you yield and the results are just temporary. What is everyone's opinion.
Jim Bell
It is a little hard to track the ROI to the T, but the more website traffic you have, the better. It all comes down to branding and keeping your dealership name in front of people when they are searching.
Matt Lowery
It depends on how you set it up and what keywords you are buying. It is the cheapest way to get your name in front of your competitors sites. When you search for my competitors Adwords assures you at least see my name as well. You can add conversion codes to your site to see what traffic you capture from the adwords. So for me they work very well and I am happy with my results, but stay on top of it.
Jason Barnes
If you have someone that is open about running their campaign by adding you to their adword account or if you have someone in the dealership that understands this isn't a set it and forget it form of advertising. Depending on the dealership size you may need to hire an outside firm to handle your account but you have to be careful because most of them will promise the moon and stars and never reach what they said they could. I would say if you have the right person doing the job then its one of the best ways to get in front of thousands of shoppers a day and as Matt said you can track conversion such as leads being generated through analytics...the trick is finding a company that will allow you see what they see.
Matt Lowery
I did adwords in house myself for years. I now use an outside company because I am just too busy to stay on top of it, but I will only use a company that will use my account. If they wont, run don't walk away. You should be the administrator so that you can see all the reports without anything being hidden, and if you ever change vendors, the account is yours.
Brian Pasch
John Adwords, like any digital marketing strategy, is as good as the parameters that were set to define success. Turning on Adwords without knowing why, how, where, and what to measure is just another shining object to waste money on. With that said, Adwords can be very effective in driving "some" of the shoppers that are in market to purchase a car to your website. For campaigns designed to sell cars, I would look at metrics that show what percentage of the clicks visited a Vehicle Detail Page (VDP). For campaigns that are targeting mobile consumers for service, I would be tracking calls to a dynamic service phone number as well as online activity. So, if you invest the time to define the goals of the Adwords campaigns, thoughtfully designs the ad copy, keywords, and landing pages, and then measure the activity of the visitors, you will find that Adwords is "part" of a comprehensive digital strategy.

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