Are You Getting Less Internet Leads?

Derrick Woolfson

Over the last few years, I have seen a decline in the overall amount of form fills, and an increase in phone calls. Has anyone else seen this trend? 

Chris K Leslie

Same here, 

Ashley Garrett

Same. Just from Feb to March alone we have dropped 30% in online leads. 

Andrew Breedlove

Leads are only as good as the people who work them anyway! Focus on the customers that are already infront of you!


Let's put it this way. IF you had a pond out infront of your dealership and you put 5,000 fish in and your team didn't know how to fish properly - they would catch one every now and then.


But if you go back to the basics and teach them how to fish properly and put 10 fish in the pond - they'll catch fish more often.

Chris Travis

Yes but the on site texting box has shot up a lot. Though still technically an internet lead, other leads have slowed down.

Mark Rask

Absolutely the case 

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