Are you really selling online yet?

Evan Brown
I've been following two startups that most of you have probably heard of.. and for those of you that haven't heard, they take the dealership out of the equation by selling used vehicles online and shipping them to your house with a guaranteed return period. Are you competing with these sites yet? Have you started to develop a way to sell vehicles right of your site?
Lauren Moses
Great question Evan. I'm curious to see how everyone is adapting.
Ed Brooks
Carvana and Beepi are both dealerships - new kinds dealerships for sure, but they are dealerships nonetheless.
Evan Brown
That's not the point Ed - they cut the in store experience out. Doesn't this worry/ excite you in anyway as an automotive digital marketer? My store has not sold and sent a vehicle online ever, how do we compete?
Ed Brooks
My point is dealerships are evolving - some (like Carvana and Beepi) are radically different. The recent AutoTrader "Car Buyer of the Future" study said that 84% of customers want to buy in person at the dealership - of course that means 16% don't. It went on to say, "Consumers want to structure deals online before arriving at the dealership. 56% like to start the negotiation on their terms and 45% like being anonymous to the dealer until they lock in a deal." Big changes for the traditional dealership -
Evan Brown
Interesting study thanks Ed. I think that 16% will grow as this form of buying becomes more comfortable and common. I didn't like buying books online a few years ago, I liked going to bookstores... However amazon has made it so easy that I haven't been in a book store in months. Do you think this type of buying leaves a gap in service?

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