Artificial Intelligence into auto retailing - isn't it interesting?

Anil T

GoGoCar brings 24x7 AI based automotive expertise into automotive digital retailing

Wow, very interesting. The future is here! 

I took a stroll through the site, searched for a Kia Optima then a Toyota 4runner with no results matching my non-specific criteria.  I then gave the software a whirl to narrow a vehicle search via the "no clue" method.  I must be a lost cause as the AI left me with no selections for a Full size Luxury crossover SUV.  The copy reads nicely... :l

Steve Roessler

Artificial intelligence is coming on VERY strong in many areas.   Interesting to see this side starting to develop.    We just need to talk to the customers.    Data shows that AI gets about a 30-35% engagement.   It works!  If we quit sending out templates and keep emails/text/calls/videos short, you will win more.  Customers are telling us that we need to change.  Its up to all of us to take a part in it.   Time is ticking

Aruna V R

@Shane Talbert , Thanks for the feedback 

Seems like you tried using GoGoCar from your "Texas" location.At present, our dealership coverage in the Texas is limited. 

You won't get any cars in the search result if the "SHOW ME  NEARY DEALERS Filter is "ON ".So you may need to switch "OFF" the same for explorer all dealer inventories with us. 

Please see the attached screen for your reference.



@Aruna V R - Thanks,  seems like a reasonable explanation, I was able to get some vehicles to populate.   At this point I may be missing the utility of this application, it would appear to be a digital store front at the moment with big plans for digital transacting?  Are the copy points conceptual at this stage?  Where and what  is the AI performing at this point?  Any dealers making use of this who might chime in?

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