Artificial Intelligence into auto retailing - isn't it interesting?

Anil T

GoGoCar brings 24x7 AI based automotive expertise into automotive digital retailing

Anil T

@Dealer Guy, appreciate your feedback.
We agree that the role of dealers is critical in this ecosystem and not denying the PEOPLE factor. GoGoCar is not a replacement for dealers but it enables them to deal with a serious buyer who has already reached an advanced stage of buying journey. Like you said you have AI in your Pixel, AI is never a replacement for your mobile. But it enhanced its usage and you can deal with it more effectively. Likewise, GoGoCar's AI capability helps potential buyers to advance in buying journey and make informed decisions. Since the Bot in GoGoCar is trained with all information on each car it can answer any queries from buyers which is much more faster than a human can do. So when this well informed potential buyer reach a dealership the possibility closing that deal is high. Since the entire process is digital and the time taken for closure at the dealership is very minimal, dealers can save a lot from operational costs. Sales staff can avoid many repetitive tasks and engage more productively with more customers.

But at the same time, we need to agree where the future goes. If a buyer really wants to buy a car entirely online dealers should not miss that opportunity too. 

Anil T

@Steve Roessler, agree! we can see this as an opportunity; the industry will evolve and we have to accept the changes. time for inbound, it would be promising. 

Aruna V R

@Shane Talbert
Appreciate your quick response, 
Let me quickly give you an overview of "GoGo "the virtual assistant, which can make you feel like human because GoGo understands the user context, location, and user preferences, the answers can be really personal by ensuring the further consumer satisfaction and engagement. Also, GoGo allows you to seamlessly involve a human in the conversation or escalate if needed. These ensure consumer to get the best out of both the world.

We have amazing capabilities for the dealer also they can have full control on their inventories and pricing. Always they ensure what needs to be displayed at the consumer end. If you have some free time I really would like to get a call with you for giving a walk through on Gogocar products.At present we are working with the bunch of dealers from NY, NC, FL etc., GoGoCar holds more than 50 years of knowledge in the automotive industry. 

If you really interested with us anytime you can reach us  +1 858-201-6911

Anil T

@Dealer Guy, Appreciate your views!
As I mentioned in my previous reply, it is not to replace the dealers and it cant offer the in-person experience. See the comment from @Aruna to find what AI specifically do in GoGoCar. 

Change is inevitable. US auto industry spent $8.71 Billion in 2016 for digital marketing. Think about the marketing spent 10 years back. The industry will evolve, some lead the change others to follow. GoGoCar is going to be another change.

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