Assuming the Appt.

Chris K Leslie

Has anyone tried the assumptive Appt concept? 

Meaning, instead of asking customers what times work best for them in our follow up. What if we just scheduled them an appt for day and time and let them tell us if theyneed to reschedule?

We do this, and it's worked out pretty well for us. We're currently at 71% show; last month we were at 68%. It's always good to start with a few qualifying questions though, before you assume the appointment.

"Were you thinking of swinging by later today, or would tomorrow be better? Tomorrow? Sure, no problem. Do you prefer morning or afternoon? Great, let me see what I have open tomorrow afternoon. Alright, I've got you down for 2:15 PM tomorrow. If anything changes on your end, I know you'll give me a call."

Derrick Woolfson

That's a strong show rate, Sunny! - we also did this for email only leads, and the average set rate was in the mid to low 30's. One of the other things we tried with this technique is using it for inbound phone calls, which increased our set rate from the mid 50's to the low 60's.  

Andrei Smith

Haven't tried to this, might be worth looking into.

Mark Rask

We will have to try this 

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