Auto Emails

Victoria Dillabough

Do you guys use "auto" emails in your e-lead journey? 

Curious everyone's thoughts on this one. 

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

There's a time for auto emails if crafted carefully with a purpose behind them.

1) They have to be targeted towards the interest of the customer

2) There has to be a clear goal

3) Each email has to be different, asking a new question, trying to uncover new information

If you haven't checked our email follow-up sequence, you might get a few ideas to increase customer contact & reply rate. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Victoria - the only auto emails we use is one that comes from our GM, which asks the customer if they have been taken care of, etc. Over the years it has been very effective, and we have received a lot of engagement from it. The only issue we have is that you really have to stay on "deleting" the work-flow task if the customer has already spoken with the GM, etc. That said, it is one of the shortfalls in using any automated email. 

Bart Wilson

A agree with Marc.  Every email needs to have a purpose.  A good campaign can help with follow up but should never replace human interaction.

Victoria Dillabough

Thanks Marc! I love this and couldn't agree more 

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