Automated first response

N. Nicole Martin

I'm looking into handling my internet leads diffrent.

What are some recommended first response tools?

Mike Jeffs

Hi Nicole,

Do you have an auto responder currently setup for your internet leads?

Jason Stum

Hi Nicole, would you mind sharing the workflow of how you currently handle your Internet leads? That will give us some needed context to help you identify where you might be able to improve your process. Thanks!

Rikki Tachman

I agree, once we get some more info, we can give you better advice. 

mark rask

We only use an autorespobder after hours. We feel that it is important to get a quick quality response to the client

N. Nicole Martin

Lead comes in and it is round robined to a sales person from there they handle the lead. If they havent made contact in x amount of days we hand it off to BDC.

It usually takes my salespeople about 15-20 minutes email the prospect.

I'm looking into autoresponders right now to help my response times and get to my customers faster. Anyone use one? 


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