Avg Calls for Appt.

Chris K Leslie

I’ve been asking myself some fun questions lately. One question was “How many phone calls does it take on average to schedule an Appt.” running some simple reports I found that it takes about an average of 3.6 calls. 

Whats your number? 

Derrick Woolfson

That seems good to me, Chris! I have seen the total average touches for an appt. are 10-12 (less for Dealer Website leads), and this was based on 200-300 monthly leads. Some months the lead count is higher. 

Jim Webb

I look at another metric when asking that question - this month it's taken 6.6 attempts to make a contact & 3.7 contacts to set an appt.  YTD 8.6 attempts to make a contact & 4.2 contacts to set an appt.   YTD its taken 35.9 attempts to get 1 appt.  

Mark Rask

sounds right

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