Avg Number of Internet Staff?

Erica Chesley
Hello I just started in the Internet Department and I wanted to know about avg. How many people are staffed in this department and taking internet leads including the Internet Managers?
Shannon Hammons
That can vary greatly from store to store. What has your setup been in the past. How many cars per month does your store sale? Where all do you spend your digital budget?
Carlo Castillo
How many leads per month does your store average? 125 leads should be the max per rep per month.
Erica Chesley
So Avg. sales is 150 cars a month as told by my manager. I was a receptionist/bdc, now I am in Internet sales Dep. I am just wondering because I see high turn over and I get an avg of 3 hot leads a day. There are 5 people in the department.
Megan Barto
Are you setting appointments and then turning them over to salespeople or are you working the leads what we call "cradle-to-grave" or inception to delivery?
Matt Watson
Erica, I've personally seen two models myself (there are tons of variations). A pure BDC (get calls, set appointments) operates best at around 100 leads per month, per person. Carlo said 125, I think that's the higher end of the scale, but definitely manageable. An Internet Sales Department with "cradle to the grave" lead handling is obviously much more time consuming. Depending on your sales process, you'd have to do the math on a max lead count. 3-5 leads is about dead on! Once you get a solid backlog of prospects, you'll get in that groove of working follow-up in between your hot leads. Your best BDC agents learn how to follow-up with results (even long term!) and will thrive on 3-5 per day. The agents only waiting for a "hot" lead or the low hanging fruit certainly won't last. Best of luck in your new position!

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