Chris K.

AVOID CDK WEBSITES at all cost! I will tell you all more later,  but we were promised artwork for the Memorial Day weekend and they totally blew us off, including failing to post Holiday Hours. I will offer 1,000 1-STAR reviews and do my best to totally CRIPPLE CDK for good. 

P.S. I just found out the BEST Connect Store can deliver is maybe 20 leads a month of $1500!!! Ha, what a complete failure, we were 100% duped into their service but now I will find a good lawyer and figure out how to make them PAY US TO LEAVE! 

Good luck CDK - I am coming for you.

Mark Rask

i think that you will find that with a loto f oem mandated sites 

Mark Rask

You might want to look at dealer inspire websites

Derrick Woolfson

We have had great success with Dealeron.com, too. And yes, OEM sites can be tricky with all of their regulations. 

Chris K Leslie

I’ve found that designing slides myself is always the best way to go for us. I use Canva mainly. 

Bart Wilson

I'm sure you guys are used to dealing with OEM mandated sites.  How are you making them perform?  How can you differentiate your store and still be compliant?

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