Lauren Moses
So, As most of ya'll know. I work for a very small dealership. I do a little bit of everything. Well I have been tasked with boosting our online sales. With that being said I handle emails very well. I try to have a quick response and give enough information for the customer to become more interested and email or call me back. My phone skills.....Awkward to say the least. I know that I am lacking in that department. I am also an over sharer and feel that I give TOO much information so they learn all they need without having to come in. I have been working on this some but it's tough with being so new to auto sales. What tips would you give to someone who is just starting out doing cold calls to help get customers on the lot?
Vincent R
What are the prospects asking you exactly and what information are you giving them? If they ask you specific questions about a car, let them know that you'd like to check if it's still available. Then pull it up on the website so you can have the information in front of you. Then just move forward and ask your probing questions. "In order to better serve you, when can you come in so I can get the car ready for you?" "In order to determine the best way I can assist you, do you plan on paying cash or will you need help with financing?" "Great! come on in and I will be happy to help you. Again my name is Lauren so when you get here, ask for me and someone will come get me for you." Try using some of the same words you would use in an email. Just try to think of how you would respond if they sent you this inquiry in an email.
Lauren Moses
Vincent, Thank you for the great feedback. I know that it is by far my weakest spot so I'm trying to improve it so I can in turn improve our (and my) sales. If in the lead they don't give an email and I must call then I introduce myself. If they already know what vehicle they are looking for then I ask if they have any questions about it. Try to get those knocked out of the way to remove any doubt that its not the vehicle they REALLY want. If they have no questions then I start to try and narrow down what specs they are looking for in particular. Color, packages, interior colors, things of that nature that will not change the vehicle make any but will affect cost.
Daniel Wilkins
In my opinion you are giving away a lot of information you don't need to. Typically the only reason to be on the phone with a new prospect is to get an appointment. I do have a training script that we use that I can always send you. It give you answers to all the top questions they will have and allows you to overcome a lot of objections.
Vincent R
I may be interested in your script as well, Daniel! :)
Lauren Moses
Daniel By all means! At this point I am looking for anything that can help. What good does it do me to have this job and not push myself to be better. I just got done reading an article on LinkedIn that kind of worried me. It was talking about the effectiveness (or lack there of), of cold calling. About how it how really gone out of date and that the study done by Baylor there was only a 0.3% rate for actually getting an appointment.

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