Back in the business! Workflows?

Eric Vaughn

I left the car business for 5 years to work at an Ad Agency. I've taken over as BDC Manager/E-Commerce Director, and I have workflows that I was using for lead handling 5 years ago, but I am wondering what may have changed. I am wanting to see if anyone out there is willing to share their workflows for Internet Ups, Lot Ups, etc. I have my Internet Ups (no contact made) following: 20 contacts (10 calls 10 emails) in 14 days. Lot-Ups (be-back): 3 emails and 6 calls over 14 days.

I know it varies a lot from each brand, just trying to compare notes. A lot changes in 5 years. 


Allison Nygaard

@Eric welcome back to automotive! I'm curious what you were doing for the Ad Agency, was it auto related?!
I work with a few different BDC Managers and typically I see them use similar workflows to what you've stated here. It may be a case of the more things change, the more they tend to stay the same?! :) 
One suggestion I would add is to include the Lead response time, keeping it under the expected time. 

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