Mark Rask

How many leads do you think a bdc rep can handle 

Chris Travis

Depends on the quality of leads,the follow up they do with the leads, what the BDC does and how efficient it is run.

I've worked at BDC that spent a quarter of their time contacting internal management and sales people to follow up on appointments. I've worked at others that do over 100 calls a day but over 80% of those leads never answer and their follow up was 90 days out. Some barely email and just leave it automated or to sales while others spend time slightly personalizing emails. So many variables can go into how many they can handle. 

Derrick Woolfson

I would have to agree with Chris, I never focused on how many leads they could handle but looked at how many appointments they were booking. For any lead older than 30 days, we called the leads that engaged with us from having responded to our long term follow-up. That said, on average they would handle roughly 75 or so leads a month, but to be honest, they would only get in touch with half of those, and at a 20% closing rate, that is 15 sales from those leads. 

Vinnie Micciche

What type of leads do you get? Are these 1st party, factory and or a combo or do you get a lot of 3rd party leads? Start tracking leads with no phone number. those are terrible. 

Rich Ludlow

Your process will help determine that, how far do they go before it gets flipped to the sales dept? If they are appt setters that take the lead up to the showroom visit and then move on 100 would be about the max it they are making contact. If the leads are low quality with low connect rate then obviously they could take more. We had a very effective BDC in a rural area. 3 BDRs were handling 500 plus leads a month (this was phone and internet). The internet leads were better quality and probably close to 300 of that number. The connect rate was over 70% with about the same percentage of appt set and show. Closed at a consistent 16% plus of total internet leads.

Mark Rask

Thx looks like we are at about 150

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