BDC Benchmarks-A Wider Sample of Averages

Anthony Sadosky

I have been working in BDC for just short of a decade. I am now an Internet Manager. I am familiar with several schools of thought on different benchmarks for a BDC. I would like to see if I can get more of a handle on how different dealers, BDC Managers, Internet Managers, and the like actually measure success for their department.

I myself came from a centralized BDC Environment. We had 8 brands, two physical locations, a team of 4 and a team of 3 for either locale, taking in all inbound calls, leads, the ability to jump into live chat, and a responsibility to data-mine Service, Equity, and Lease Retention Customers, on a weekly or daily basis, as well as the responsibility to do showroom follow-up on walk-ins if Sales Teams did not. Each Team member was allotted roughly 300 fresh leads/mo. and would answer an average of 125-250 inbound per month. Our daily requirements were something like this: 80-100 Calls (they included inbound calls (which we have decided not to send to BDC for now due to training) texts in that for a while but then regressed, however i personally believe that you should include them or at least subtract from total calls for a texting benchmark),  60+ emails, 40 contacts, 8-10 appointments.

Currently, until we progress, I am a one man show in charge of all inbound internet leads as well as other managerial and supervisory responsibilities, until such time as I build a team of 2-3. I have another one man show working on all Service, Equity, and Lease Retention Customers. The salesfloor is still answering phone-ups (however, it will soon be changed).

Since beginning work, at this dealership in this new role as a Manager, it seems I have been physically/mentally feeling as though I do as much if not more than I did at a Centralized BDC as a Lead BDR. My results are interesting. So far, I have increased INTERNET SALES by a factor of 2 and total sales under the rooftop are up 29-30%.

However, I am finding that I can no longer reach the numbers I once had. I am seeing an average of 42 Emails/Day, 19 Calls/Day, and 14 Texts/Day. That said, again I am of the school that you should count texts and calls together, being as how customers are more responsive to it. With a simple goal of 50 emails, 20 calls, and 20 texts I set for myself, I do not see why with my experience, I am not shattering those numbers.

I feel it could be something to do with being a one rooftop situation at a Luxury Dealer, in which case I am very interested in other luxe dealers numbers. Please respond with your BDC Sizes and averages. I thank anyone who sees this for your time!

Morgan Hardy

We have multiple brands but our luxury brand does not have nearly the volume. We have a four-person BDC for three brands and of course used cars. Each rep works about 300 leads each month, we take the inbound phone-ups as well. Our stats are based on percentages. We take into consideration the bad leads and do not include those in final numbers. Our goal is to have a 70% show rate on appointments set with phone leads weighing more. We definitely have our much slower months but usually end up with at least a 60% show rate. We are currently setting about 30%. We had divided responsibility so that one rep did lease end, one did service equity, etc. 

Anthony Sadosky

I am hitting my percentage goals. sitting at 58% set, 65% show, 50% sold. I'm wondering about your daily goals. Calls/day, APPT Set/day, Texts/day, Emails/day? What do you hold your BDRs accountable for?

Morgan Hardy

@Anthony - we don't actually have a daily goal. It can vary based on how busy we are. However, we do have to have a 90% completion rate of all tasks. There are obvious red flags if calls/texts/emails aren't being done but we have some days where a rep will make 80+ calls and some days where they make 40. In order to get our bonus at the end of each month, all tasks must be completed.

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