Bev Morton

I need a place to vent, not sure if anyone can offer suggestions as the BDC supervisor not only knows of these practices but she aides in them with one particular BDC agent in the office where I work.

This particular agent adds herself to recently sold deals, she jumps on upcoming appts adding herself as the agent on ones she can tell are deals, totaled/insurance appts etc... plus a few of the salesmen in the office give her and only her the heads up when a hot lead is coming in, you can see on the leads profile where within minutes of a salesperson adding a customer, she’s added herself as the BD agent.

She gets 15+ extra deals a month with these deceptive practices, it’s so unfair to the rest of us who actually work very hard for every appointment but as I said nothing can be done without causing retaliation as the supervisor is WELL aware as she is part of it. The only hope would be alerting the owner and still there is a 100% chance of retaliation and about a 5% chance anything would really change ... it is a shame, I make decent money there, I like the work but am now completely demotivated by the situation but thank you for the vent.

John Goll

I'm sorry you are encountering this situation. It sounds like the culture is promoting this kind of behavior and it can be tempting to be deceptive to make some extra cash. The best advice I can give is to find a different dealership with a better culture. Once mgmt gets entrenched in these practices and allow it to go on it can be incredibly difficult to get them to change their ways. All you can do is share your concerns with them and/or find a better environment. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Bev, I have seen this happen a lot as a BDC Manager. Have you spoken with this individual directly? Or speak with a sales manager? In most cases, when this occurred at my last auto group, I would review the CRM. If I noticed that all of the sudden BDC Rep 'B' was added to the deal, but did not call, email, text or note the CRM then it would not count. The sales managers tend to do the same thing for the sales consultants. Where if a customer were to come in and have spoken previously with another sales consultant they would still get the deal. Now, as for the lead alert - how are the sales guys seeing the leads? This has to be a CRM setting. Do you only see the lead if it is assigned to you? Also, what CRM are you using? 

Mark Rask

You need to work this out with upper management

Chris K Leslie

People are always going to try and work their pay plans. Most of the time when people are doing shady things they quickly booted once folks catch on. No GSM/GM wants to pay people for work they aren;t doing. 

Mark Rask

Chris is correct people will wor there pay plans 

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