BDC Expectations on Outbound?

Tony Wood
I'm curious as to what kind of performance is a reasonable expectation for my BDC specialists. Using outbound calls only, how many appointments should a Service BDC Specialist be setting per month? How about a Sales BDC Specialist? Very interested in hearing experience/numbers.
mark rask
We shoot for the 50 pct number.....50 pct of calls turn into an appt. 50-60pct show 60 pct buy
Tony Wood
Those sound like lofty goals for outbound calling. What are your actual performance numbers Mark?
Eric Vaughn
I like to keep it at this: Sample: (for illustration purposes) 1000 phone calls a month 200 people spoken to (20%) 66 appointments set (33%) 39 appointments show (60%) 23 units sold (if closing at 60% at the desk) 2.3% Closing ratio on outbound.
Kevin Patterson
Eric's number are pretty consistent with what we are seeing from our store. Contact ratio is a little above 30% but the show and close ratio are pretty consistent. We shoot for 100 outbound calls per BDR per day.
Megan Barto
I'm 100% against the "Every BDR should make 100 calls every single day." We're not operating in 100% outbound call centers, here. I think that number is grossly inflated. For example - your BDR receives 7 inbound sales call a day & 4 chats as well as a slew of new internet leads. Not including the e-mail replies they have to send out to customers they're already working. Unless you have someone else replying to these e-mails, taking in bound phone calls & chats, then maybe. What if a customer requests additional pictures of a used car and your BDR has to run outside & snap them quick with their phone? While this doesn't take very long in the grand scheme of a day, it sure does cut into a BDR making "100 calls a day."

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