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Tony Wood
Hello to all of my fellow BDC/Internet Managers! I'm new to this forum board and I'm new to my position as the eCommerce Director. I'm wearing numerous hats, but one of those hats is as the BDC Manager. In case it matters, I work for a Toyota Dealership. At this point in time we have just stepped off the ledge and we are struggling to achieve our goals for setting appointments. This is due in part to not having all of the tools necessary (i.e. we still haven't received our computers and my employees do not have access to our CRM, or anything else yet for that matter). So, we're doing a lot of pen and paper tracking until this gets taken care of. I have Sales experience, Managerial experience, and Call Center experience, but have never actually worked in an automotive BDC. I've been doing extensive research, but when it boils down to it, I don't have all the tools at my fingertips yet. With that said, what outside tools (beyond the CRM) do you use for source/lead generation and how much success are you having with them? What software/programs would you recommend? I have created my own excel spreadsheets for tracking metrics, do you have any other sources you use for stat tracking? Are there any best practices? I'm essentially creating my own phone scripts on the fly. While I consider myself to be a savvy individual, I imagine I'm not the end all be all guru I'd like to be. Are there any phone scripts that someone wouldn't mind sharing? Any advice, recommendations, etc is more than welcome. I plan on reviewing these posts to find out as much information as I can on my own, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to reach out! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing your responses! Thanks and I hope you all have a blowout Black Friday!
Lauren Moses
Tony, First off Welcome. And Congrats on the new position. It sounds like you have alot going on. Make sure that you are atleast keeping things organized until you get computers up and running for everyone. The computers need to be first on your list and push until you get them. Your reps need access to your CRM to keep everything straight. For just getting them on the phones and starting to get some ups going get a report from your DMS on service customers that own vehicles that the dealership would want on their used lot. Start contacting those customers but make sure that you have atleast the equivalent of their current vehicle and a step up. Have them start calling them and saying that we are interested in purchasing your vehicle, etc. I don't have scripts because we don't have an actual BDC department. But I'm sure there are some others around here that would be more than happy to share a few. Hope that helps some. Good Luck!
Kevin Liles
Call David Kain or email him or Jessica. They are great at helping you start it the right way. or
Paul Lappage
Tony - you should find a lot of scripts in the open domain... there's a lot of content on Youtube from the likes of Sean Bradley for example. Phone Ninjas may be worth a look, and if you indicate an interest, you may be able to get a sample for 'free'. Although we don't use him, I follow David Kain's content given the Ford Direct links, so I'd back Kevin's recommendation above. We're a store that follows Alan Ram closely if you get to that stage when you need to make a thorough investment.
Tony Wood
Thank you for the responses! As I said, all help and information is appreciated!
Randy Smith
Agree with Paul 100% .. YouTube is great place to start.

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