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Rachael DuVall

Hello All. I inherited a very new BDC. The BDC as a whole has been open 3 months, I have taken over as Manager for officially one month. We have gone through 4 Reps, and one previous Manager. I now have 1 service rep and 1 sales rep. We average 40 cars a month, with about 300 internet leads. I'm just looking for some solid advice to help this grow, my GM is already threatening closure and going to a Virtual BDC. In my one month as manager we set 99 appointments, 50 showed, and 14 purchased. We are following strict scripts and have a consultant, i feel like i'm not producing as much as my GM is expecting me too. 

Any tips tricks and advice is greatly appreciated.

Ricky Patrick

So are you averaging 40 cars per month but now that's dropped to 14?

Rachael DuVall

Our dealership as a whole averages 40 cars a month. Last Month (aug) the dealership had 42 cars out and my BDC was responsible for 14 of them.

Dealer Guy

A solid combined closing ratio of about 15% is what your GM should be most interested in, and if you are near there - good job! Tell him to show you how... he's the GM and should have ALL the answers for your and his ultimate success.

What does your GM spend to advertise 14 retail cars vs 14 internet sales, how does that compare? Are you bringing more value to those ad dollars? ( I promise you are, whether it's trackable or not)

Have you scrubbed the leads and phone calls (most are calls initiated from Google anyway) and matched them to SOLD units, and then mark those as Internet sold?

Dealer Guy

Calls from the Internet COUNT as an Internet Leads, don't let your store tell you otherwise. When possible always ask: Hey customer, how did you find our number to call us today? (Oh, well I google you guys and it came right up).

Google DOES make it easy for us all.

Derrick Woolfson

@Rachel - 99 @ 300 leads is a 33% set rate, which seems really low. We average roughly 400-500 leads per month (and I completely *agree* w/ DealerGuy) including calls from Google. We run an average of 45-47% Set, 67-71% Show, and a 58-61% Sold rate. We were in the low to mid 30's, BUT the *key* is to focus on what's hot and forget whats not. This is especially true when it comes to dealer website leads, which should have a set rate of 45%+  vs an OEM leads whose buying cycle might be 1-3 months. What I would offer, too, is to see what your average day to close in. Wherein, mark the date the lead came to the date it was sold. If your average for pre-owned is more than 4-5 days that could be a result of not enough contact - or, not the *right* contacts. If you send me your email I would be happy to send you some scripts and stats on closing rates, etc. 

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