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Lisa Lander
My job is now using vin solution if your formula with this program you will know all the work that is involve, now I'm not sure how the salary is, but what I was offered is $10 hurly 35 hrs a week $15 per appointment $25 per car that sounds great but I'm not happy with base pay especially when I'm the only who will be doing every thing that's involve wit BDC /internet
Jared Hamilton
tell us more about what your job entails and we could better give you an answer. Do you handle all the communication with leads, make out bound calls etc? How many leads /calls do you process per month? How many are you currently selling etc. The pay plan that you outlined sounds pretty standard, depending on where you are in the country. From here its all about performance, so the question becomes how do we get you more appointments and more car sales... that will make everyone happy (Both you and the dealer)
Lisa Lander
Yes I handle all cummonications I'm the only one doing BDC and any problems with vin sol - I will also handling campaning and letters to customers, phone calls in and out emailing , setting appointments meeting and greeting customers, I'm doing more than BDC I just feel the hourly pay should be more my hrs will be 9-5 mom to fri. and I will answer leads from home. $15. Per apt $25 per sold car. my job is in ct, this program should be up and running by next week. I have a big responsablity honestly my position should be BDM instead of BDC. please give me your feed back
Michael Bilson
What area of the country are you in Lisa?
Matt Lowery
You are being offered pretty much the standard rate going. I would tell you that you can not wait and do the email responses from home. People except immediate responses and are not willing to wait that long. Also most manufacturers have a requirement on how quickly you must respond to leads, so you want to look at that. We have a goal of all emails are responded to within 15 minutes, with an alert going to the manager if not responded within 30 minutes. People expect immediate satisfaction. The average BDC rep handles around 100 to 130 new leads per month. So I would want to know how many you are expected to handle. If its much more than this.... well to be honest people will fall through the cracks. Its not a matter of how good you are, but each month adding another 100 leads on top of your old ones builds up quickly. We use Vinsolutions and while you can automate quite a bit with them and set up your templates, there is still a limit to what one person can handle. So I would say the pay is fair, but they should hire more people unless you only get 100 to 150 leads per month. Your issue is with manpower not pay. In my opinion if you want to be considered a BDC Manager or Internet Manager, you need a strong understanding and role in your online advertising, SEO, SEM and third party providers. As a BDC Manager I dont answer leads, my job is to drive more leads to my department and ensure they are handled with the correct procedures.

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