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Rich Ludlow

Its been a few years since I have been actively involved with managing a BDC. Now starting one from scratch in a rural area. I used to aim for 80% connect rate with 60% of connected setting an appt and 70% of those showing (my former BDC was consistently close to these numbers). What are the current benchmarks? Currently we are only getting leads from our own website and Car Gurus. Total lead count less than 200 per month. Who's knocking it out of the park out there in rural areas and what are your percentages?

Mallory Hughes

Rich, I recommend using video to target the larger cities around you! This will help you generate qualified leads and drive more traffic to your website. If you need any more info on how to do this effectively - feel free to reach out to me!

Rich Ludlow

Thank you so much! We are signed up with covideo and are going to use that a lot more than it was. What I'm really trying to find out is what the current metrics are for BDRs in today's market. I dont want to have unrealistic goals either high or low.

Ricky Patrick

I think those numbers are realistic for those lead sources. You'll need to specifically measure each lead source, though, as all traffic is not created equal. OEM leads are going to be much less effective, for example.

kelly hazlehurst

Where you get your leads from and your inventory mix is a big factor but overall we aim for 35% appointment (phone and internet) 60% sold and 40% sold.  

Rich Ludlow

kelly hazlehurst we are getting leads from cargurus and our website. On the numbers you listed above, is the 35% shown appts and is it combined for phone and internet? and sold percentages from the shown appt? If you had 100 internet leads and 100 phone ups what would the breakdown be for shown appt and sold units for each? The old rule of thumb for phone ups was always 60% set 60% show 60% of show purchase but I would think those numbers would  be different now.

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