bdc metrics

Mark Rask

What kpi's are you measuring in your sales bdc?

Derrick Woolfson

Same as we have been - appointments set, shown, & sold - more focus on the end result vs. spending time worrying about how many calls, emails, chats, or texts go out. If they are doing all the above, and it is of quality, the results should follow. 

Michael Smith

My first measure is how many customer are we connecting with by all possible means.  I.E.  If I have a 100 leads, we get ahold of 60% I should be getting 30 appointments out of that.  From there you can look to see how sources are performing, how agents are doing with said source and make adjustments and coach from there.  

Chris K Leslie

Yep and Yep.. Measure the outcomes you want. The work to get there will sort itself out. 

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