BDC Metrics (walk-ins)

Brian Rapp
We measure our BDC Agents on Appt's, Appt's Shown, and Sold Appt's. How should we handle "walk-ins" that the BDC agents had contact with, but did not make an appointment? Should they get credit for the app't or sale?
kelly hazlehurst
We give them credit because not only are they trying to set appointments their emails, voicemails and calls are also part of marketing. Plus it eliminates BDC reps and sales people trying to take advantage of the system and one less fight too.
Chris K Leslie
As longs as the BDC folks are actively working on that lead they should certainly get credit. If the lead hasn't been touched by a rep for a bit. I would say no.
Adam Ross
I would agree with Kelly but put a time limit on the last contact by the BDC Rep - there had to be some physical touch within the last 30-60 days (automation doesn't count).
Shannon Hammons
Kelly has the right answer. That is exactly the way we treat walk ins as well
Lance MacMillan
In my humble opinion, I wouldn't give them credit. If you do, your metrics start to lose their usefulness. What if you have a salesperson who is great at getting appointments that never stick? You could make the guy a superstar by individually coaching him on it...but you'll never do so because on paper, thanks to a couple unscheduled/unearned sales he/she's hitting their target on appointment shows. You don't know they have a sore spot. If you use your numbers as a measure of what's going on in that department, keep that data pure. Don't include those soft-appointments and walk-ins. Otherwise your numbers aren't good for much other than bragging rights. Again, in my humble opinion : )

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