bdc motivation

Mark Rask

What do you find that works as a motivator in the bdc world?

Derrick Woolfson

@Mark, for my team - getting on the phones myself has been a huge motivator. I will call old leads (2 months back) and book appointments. And I also help answer new leads. Supporting them makes all the difference, and they usually end up putting in extra effort, which has a benefit for them too! 

Brendan Dolan

Money was number one for my guys, and competition was number two. I had a white board with everyones numbers on it, and it was updated on the fly throughout the day. My guys would push to be top of the board.

Agreed though with Derrick on being part of the action. I'd take the most difficult calls when needed, smooth out the customers, and make appointments. Showing them that I'm happy to get in the action and not just sit behind a desk was huge for morale. 

Chad DeSelms

Buy in from all departments. We found out that since we have had sales and service managers do monthly training with our BDC,  the communication has been far better and the complaints have been fewer.  Most department heads are the first to criticize a the BDC's lack of knowledge but also the first to complain about the cost of a BDC. The best response has always been we can get you service advisors and Sales professionals but you will either have to pay up for them or have to help train the talented inexperienced entry level college students we employ. We have also set up a communication line for all salesmen, service advisors, and Managers to increase communication between all. it's funny how more interested they are in the numbers and improvement when they have had a hand in the training.

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