Morgan Hardy

Do your BDC reps earn an hourly wage plus commission? Are they paid on appointments set, shown, and sold? Ours is based on shows and sold but recently there was a discussion about changing this. What do you find works best for your team?

Chris K Leslie

Hourly + Appt Shown. 

just want to make sure that you guys are rewarding people for the actions you want done. 

Morgan Hardy

@Chris - I agree. I don't think that commission should be based on appointments set because you never know if they're all solid appointments. A lot of times we have tentative appointments being set. More so by some reps than others. 

Rob M

Hourly + appt show + sold. I've toyed with the idea of removing sold and making adjustments, but at some point, selling cars matters.

Derrick Woolfson

Hourly + Appt Shown + volume bonus for total sold units | 10- $250 / 15 - $500 / 20 - $750 - they should also do an annual bonus. A lot of dealers pay their sales consultants as much as $7-10 per every unit sold. The same should be done for the BDC, "X" amount per appointment sold at the end of the year. One of many issues though, with a lot of the pay plans is that unless the dealer is driving enough traffic to their sites/phones then it is not enough to retain an employee. In that, if your dealer is only getting 200-300 leads a month, and more than half of them are the third party the set/show/sold rate is not going to be stellar.  

Anthony Sadosky

In my first BDC position I started at $400 wk, $200 show percentage 55% +, $200 sold ratio 50%+, 0-19 sold $10/delivery, 20-29 sold $20/delivery, 30-39 sold $30/delivery, 40-49 sold $40/delivery, 50+ sold $50/delivery. Dealer Knows grading bonus B+ or above, up to 5 at $50 each. Measure-Up Inbound Call Evaluations 6/7 $5 each, 7/7 (Perfect call, met all our criteria) $10 each.

PRO: Most potential in a payplan I have ever seen.

CON: Weighs heavily on showroom productivity, not BDR productivity.

You could be the most impressive BDR EVER! If the salesfloors you interact with have poor salespeople, they don't do what they are supposed to do, or they just don't care, you suffer.

A BDC payplan should be heavy on APPT Set, APPT Show, and the ratios. Sold ratio, set ratio, show ratio. With a smaller bonus on sold units. That is not our direct job, however, it is still the overall goal.

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