BDC payplan and structure

Jonathan Sewell
We have just begun the adventure that is a business development center. If the personnel is sufficient, you should include service and sales. In my experience, the people that work your service drive are very similar to the people that work your showroom in that they go too far in the process on the phone. Have the BDC focus on selling the appointment and not service or cars. Then you can pay those agents based on the appointments they generate.
Katie Colihan
Back when I worked in the BDC, we were given an hourly rate, I believe $9/hour, but then we were given a SalesxSales bonus. That is, if you brought in 10 sales, that would be $100 as 10x10 is $100. This seems low, but when you realized our BDC was roping in 400 sales a month, you'd see that $400x$400 was $1600 in bonus. I have also see some base theirs off of # of people who show up, and then buy a car. Perhaps $5 a show, and then $10 a sign. These are just two of the structures I've seen happen when I was working, and am interested to see what else is come up with!
Brian Miller
Having a BDC that handles both Sales and Service (as well as parts and accessories) is a great combination. The cross-sell opportunities can pay for the department and then some. In another life I ran a call center that focused on both (long before web based communication options were in wide use), and like Katie, we paid base plus commissions.
Matt Lowery
We have our BDC take Sales and Service. Before you drop service, I would think really hard about it. If you listen to some of the calls your service advisors will take... I think you will quickly decided not to let them make appointments. Also, we have had the best service business in years once we switched over to the BDC handling the department. As far as payplans, I pay between 10 and 12 an hour depending upon experience (im in NJ so thats close to what a receptionist makes here) plus $10 per appointment that shows up. We don't pay for sales, we pay for appointments that show because thats what our BDC job is. They dont sell cars, they sell appointments. So we pay them for that. Then they get a small bonus depending upon the CSI score from the service department and I usually have a small weekly bonus of some kind where I reward 1st and 2nd place in whatever contest.
Matt Lowery
Not to derail the thread but I dont get the pay per sale Katie mentioned. I know MANY BDC do this, I just dont get it. Unless your BDC is actually selling cars, you are paying them for something they dont do. My BDC job is to fill my showroom. My Salespeople job is to sell cars. I pay each for what their job is. We use to pay per show and then extra if they bought. When I took over I changed this, the BDC bitched up a storm. However they now make more money than they did before, and our sales are way up. Because they would tend to qualify customers trying to determine who would buy. Now, they simply focus on bringing in as much traffic as possible. I see no situation where I would go back to paying for sales... Unless of course your BDC people actually sell the cars.
Renee Staffieri
I agree with Matt. When I was a Coordinator, we made hourly plus a small amount for every appointment made, a little more for every appointment that showed and even more for the sale. Since I took over, we have changed our pay plan. Our Coordinators now make a salary, and they get paid a bonus on only showroom visits. We have a scale set up, so the more showroom visits the higher the bonus. Our job is to strictly set the appointment and follow up until they show up at the dealership. There is no sense in paying for sales when we do not have anything to do with the sale.

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