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Alex Skiba

Hello all, I have worked in a BDC at the same dealership for 3 years now. Recently (4 months ago) named BDC Manager. Once I became the manager, we had quite the process change. My BDC consists of myself, one full time agent, and one part time photo-taker. My duties are to oversee the main BDC fuctions, set appointments, T/O Phone Calls,  manage the website, and ensure all photos of all new and used cars are online. Our current process has all phone calls and internet leads directed to the sales floor. Our job in the BDC is to: Answer internet leads that the salespeople don't get to within 15 minutes, Jump into any lead that has sat without contact for 3 days, and generate campaigns (emails and calls) for any incentive changes, etc. We are working everything except the "low-hanging fruit". Also, we are only allowed to touch New Car leads.. If we set an appointment for a used car, and it sells, we don't get to count it as a sold unit. With this process, the two of us are generating between 8-14 sales per month. I have done a lot of research to find similar structures to ours, but I have not found any. I want to know how our performance looks to others in a similar setup. I get told month after month that we aren't producing enough. As far as new New Car leads go, the store recieves 80-120 a month, and sells on average 60 new cars a month. Does anyone have any input to any of this? One last thing.. I am set up to get $400/week salary.. $20 per appt show, and $50 per sale. As a BDC Manager, how does this compare to others in a similar situation? I appreciate your time!



Ricky Patrick

Sounds like the higher-ups haven't fully bought into the idea of a BDC. Maybe they don't want to piss off someone in Pre-Owned Dept? If you can show that your team can handle the leads better than the sales floor (which shouldn't be difficult) then it makes no sense to not give those leads to you guys. One of the purposes of a BDC is to have a centralized communication hub for the dealership. In my humble opinion, it makes no sense to have leads going different directions.

Chris K Leslie

Yeah I agree, You are basically a receptionist at that point. Either everything needs to route through your department or you need to find a place that values your skills. 

Jason Upham

As BDC and portfolio supervisor at a luxury dealer, I coach a team of 4 full time reps - 2 for our portfolio equity clients that may want to upgrade to a newer vehicle and 2 reps that work 150-200 leads each through the internet.  We have done what you have done in the past.  We have found it to be more successful to comply uniformly with every lead - whether we think it's easy pickins' or not - used, certified or new.  We are in compliance with the manufacturer and answer leads ON AVG at just over an hour - that includes wait time over night and wait time over Sundays (Indiana blue law).  So with those factors out of the equation, we answer most leads within 15 minutes by either email or phone call or both.  We also help manage website chat leads which also helps.  Before we ramped up these teams, we were between 8 and 9 percent closing ratio.  Now we are selling more cars as a dealer AND our close ratio this month was 14%.  That's job security.  of the cars that sold this month, 66% of the leads originated in the BDC and Portfolio departments.  All or nothing has worked best for us.

Jason Stum

Hey Alex! Fellow Michigander here. 

It seems to me the BDC that's set up there is a bit outdated. Sending everything to the sales floor and just having the BDC act as backup on unanswered leads seems like an invitation for chaos. That kind of setup leads to salespeople cherry picking their leads and unstructured responses.

Also the fact that your team isn't "allowed" to handle used car leads is...interesting. I'm guessing whoever runs the used car department either doesn't like accountability, or feels like they have to have control over everything that happens. 

As far as advice, keep building your case for stregnthening the BDC's role within the dealership. You have to start by getting buy in from the top. If the dealer principal isn't preaching the BDC, then how can you expect anyone else to?

mark rask

this does sound a little outdated.....has the top management bought in to the bdc?

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