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Lauren Moses
Okay, So while taking my quarterly BDC courses for GM I had thought occur. How many of your BDC departments (or even sales reps) text customers appointment confirmations with a simple headshot of the Sales rep they will be meeting with? Not only does it reconfirm the appointment with the customer but it also gives them a picture to reference too and already starts to break down walls because the customer knows who to look for when they come in. Thoughts?
Chris K Leslie
We've talked about doing that. It would totally work for smaller dealerships than ours. The issue that came up for us was that in a lot of cases we don't know exactly the sales person that might be working with them. Because the BDC will set the appt and in a lot of cases the person who approaches the customer when they arrive will usually work with the customer. I think it's a fantastic idea if you can make it work. Would even be cool to have a little section dedicated on the website to maybe learn more about the person and you could link it to a small bio.
Lauren Moses
Chris, That is exactly what I was thinking. Since we only have 3 full time sales reps and myself whenever I need/want to it would be easy enough. I am going to pitch me being a one woman internet/BDC department and start with our current service customers with equity and getting them in. If I can get appointment set and then text over a simple reminder with date, time, rep (including picture), interested vehicle, etc. I really think it could help us.
Tony Wood
This could work in larger dealerships as well. Thanks for the idea Lauren!@Chris: We use Dropbox to share a spreadsheet of the sales staff that updates in real time. So, if a BDC rep schedules an appointment they make note of it in the CRM and alert the Salesman whose customer it is. If it's a customer that is not associated with a Salesman, they view the spreadsheet, go to the next Salesman in line, and put a tally next to their name so we know that they've received an appointment from us and go down the line in alphabetical order. Just an idea if you're interested in having a more thorough process than just letting anyone pick them up. I know a lot of our appointments like having the Sales Associate call to "confirm" the appointment and introduce themselves.
Lauren Moses
Your most welcome T W. It may not be a new idea at all. I just don't know of anyone doing it. I always hear about getting the customer to show ownership of the car they are interested in and pushing that ownership on them as soon as possible and as much as possible. But what if we get our sales reps to push the customers to own them? Wouldn't that make you want to come back to the same sales rep for the NEXT vehicle you want to purchase? I know it would me. A simple step that can make a huge impact.
Randy Smith
How would you measure this to see how effective it would be? They are not even seeing the picture until they commit to an appointment, right?

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