Steve Simon
We tend to call our BDC department a whole host of names, what is your choice on a title for the people on the phone in the BDC
mark rask
We run in to that here as well......We try to use Customer service reps with customers
Robert Karbaum
I would love more standardization with the naming of "Internet Sales" or "BDC" or "E-Comm" etc. Who makes these rules? Let's get them on the phone.
Renee Knowlton
I have several that I use. My business cards reads Internet Sales Specialist ,my emails to customers are signed Internet Concierge (find it makes the customer less defensive than the term sales), and when I do unsold showroom traffic, I refer to myself as the Customer Care Representative. I like customizing it to each circumstance.
Grant Gooley
My personal favorite is "The Internet Guy/Girl" ..... You know...Fixes printers, updates the website, bothers the sales manager about buying Google ads, sits on Facebook all day, takes pictures of a few cars every month, helps people with email signatures, does a dealer trade here and there, nobody really knows what they do but they seem to be in the General Managers office a lot. This "Internet Guy/Girl" IS ALSO DEALING WITH 90% OF YOUR DEALERSHIP TRAFFIC!!!! GET THEM HELP!!! Ok.. got that off my chest.... :)
Kevin Liles
CSR-customer service rep

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