BDC Reps paid on Sold?

Amanda Hilbun
My BDC Reps derive the majority of their money from sold units. I know the industry standard is to do this, but I have read several articles where that standard is changing more towards solid appts. and demos being their bulk of their pay with a small sold bonus. Many argue that it gives them more control, therefore, they are more productive. My reps are ready to mutiny b/c our CRM is very good at highlighting where the sales staff is losing their potential money. I wanted to see what the general consensus out there was. Thanks for the feedback!
Tony Wood
As I'm sure you already know, the idea behind pay on sale is to ensure that they aren't generating BS appointments. With that said, we pay on show and on sale. If my BDC sales rep has an appointment show, she gets $10. If that appointment sells, then she earns an extra $15.
Ricky Patrick
We pay on Sold and I don't see where it effects Rep activity. They know that in order to be paid their full bonus, they need to hit their Set and Shown numbers and all the ratios have to be in line.
Amanda Hilbun
Thanks, guys. Right now we pay on show and sell (with a contest for most solid appts. set) and things have been fine. I'm not getting a lot of help from my floor managers with holding salespeople accountable, and it's affecting my reps moral. They see the mass amounts of potential being flushed down the toilet. I read this article:, and thought it had some sound points and wanted to get some feedback.
Ricky Patrick
What's their sold ratio on shown appointments? It should be 50% to 60%.
Amanda Hilbun
It's actually higher than that, and I try to keep them focused on that positive aspect. The sales staff does a great job of selling what we get here. We could just do so much more, but the ineffective followup from the sales staff on the things that aren't right in front of them with an 800 beacon score is very troubling. And I know there is no curing that completely, so that's why I think a small spiff on sold is still good to have, so the BDC reps are still concerned about what sells, but make the bulk of their money come from solid demos, so they keep their control. That just seems like plan where everyone wins. Just throwing ideas around.

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