BDC Reps pay plan

Chad DeSelms
What does a bdc rep usually make? Do you staff full or part time people?
Denim Simkins
Chad - one thing to keep in mind and what I have come across are these positions need a little variety in their daily call schedule or the burnout rate for a full time call agent could be high. I have a question for you, are your BDC reps going to be making sales calls or service calls or both? The typical pay plan is an hourly base with incentives on call volume and performance metrics based upon those calls such as appts. made and show rate etc.
Chad DeSelms
They are doing both. My model is all college students that are working part time. I've been able to start them at 8.25 per hour plus commission. The commission plus hourly wage puts them at 9 to 12 dollars per hour. Commission consists of appointments, shows, sold for sales and appointments for service.
mark rask
I have 4 full time sales bdc and 3 full time service employees. Feel free to message me and I will privately pass on the pay plan that I use. It is a salary and a monthly bonus based on shown appts.
Parker Lukjanovs
I like my BDC Staff to be highly motivated Sales Professionals looking to start a career in the car business. Meaning, I have a VERY LOW turnover rate because of the competitive pay plan. I pay $10/hour, plus a retro-active bonus plan, with many different bonuses along the way. 1-10 Shows = $0 per show. 11-20 = $20 per show. 21-30 = $25 per show. 31-40 = $30 per show. 41-50 = $35 per show. and so on and so forth, retro-active to whatever bucket they are in. Also $100 for every 10 shows. And there is a Fast start and fast finish. Fast Start - 1st -15th: 20 shows = $200 Fast Finish - 16 - EOM: 25 shows = $250 @ 50 shows you get an additional $500 AND if the department sells the monthly objective as a group which maybe 35 - 45 sales they get $500 as well. Someone of you will be like ??!?!?!?! for sure. But, I'm in the luxury business and for our area we don't get 400 leads per month, and we do very well with grosses down here. To give you can idea about the ROI for my department. Last month, April, we sold 36 (38% of total - yes it was a slow month overall) units, total gross (front & back) $170,324.57 and after all expenses (everything digital, salary, hourly and total bonuses) we Net'd $141,435.57. (these numbers were for our Jaguar Land Rover store) Needless to say it's worth paying well for good people that produce shows.

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