BDC & Sales Dept Cooperation

Ron Henson

What do you feel are the largest obstacles that prevent the BDC from working synergistically with the Sales Department?

Chris K Leslie

I think it boils down to ego and compensation. 

Sales folks tend to feel entitled to "their" customers and dont like the idea of other talking to them. they get concerned about being skated and a ton of other things. 

BDC folks are compensated on brining people in or brining people back in. Sometimes that means that other sales folks my get a customer who was working with someone else. For whatever reason they may not have liked the person. 

the short of it all IMO  is a lack of definition of what the various roles are really responsible for. 

Amanda Hilbun

My BDC reps get the biggest part of their bonus off of sold units, so when they see a sales person not work it properly, they become very disgruntled.  On the sales side, they pretty much hate all of our leads because they usually don't make as much money and have to work a little harder to get them sold.  Those are the two biggest problems I face.  I'd love to pay my BDC reps mainly off demos with a smaller bonus for sold, but my general manager isn't having it.  Still working on other solutions.  

Michael Bilson

Management Buy-In from the Top Down.....the technology and tools are available for sales and BDC to communicate seamlessly and in real-time.   It always comes down to people, process and accountability while using those tools correctly.


Dosha Palmer

The thing is there should always be a perfect harmony between the BDC and the sales Department thats the only way goals are going to be achieved!  

mark rask

Michael is right. By in from the top down is essential.

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