BDC Service Payplan

Jordan Brooks

We have recently started our Service BDC. Our agent are paid and hourly rate as well as on Appointments set and closed R.O.'s. 

The BDM is paid 12% commission on BDC generated service revenue. Does this seem like a fair payplan?

Plus we are also having issues reconciling our Appoitments with closed R.O.'s since we technically don't have a Service CRM for the agents to work from or to generate sales reports for C.P.L. 

Any thoughts?

mark rask

we pay an hourly plus a flat per ro. .....soounds righht to me

Kristen Wager

Pay sounds about right. Sounds like you have to come up with some sort of spreadsheet for your reps to log their appointments in and then track that against closed ROs. What DMS do you use? You may be able to run a report for appointments scheduled for each BDR

mark rask

we use a simple excel spreadsheet to track appts

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