BDC Structure

Richard West

We may be acquiring a different franchise dealership. Would you recommend setting up a separate BDC or centralizing into our current BDC?  Pro's and cons of each?

Really appreciate your feedback.

Ricky Patrick

I would recommend a separate BDC eventually. Bringing them in house for a time for training and to get everyone on the same page will probably avoid a lot of headaches later on, assuming the locations are close enough to allow for this.

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

Hi Richard, it seems your group is getting big enough to start thinking about centralizing your BDC efforts. This is the toughest spot to make it work for a car dealership because you're adding a fixed expense to the mix.

If you were to merge it to your current BDC at your Chevy store I presume, you have to make it simple to start as a dealership acquisition has a lot of moving parts and you have to go step by step.


Here are the pros & cons I see right away:


You'll most likely save money by reducing the staff

You should be able to cover shifts better

You could merge your CRM system into one

Save on Payroll, Tools & Training



Reduced communication with the 2nd store sales team (offsite)

Expense structure: How are you going to split resources $$$, by activity volume or split in half?


There are obviously more things to consider in terms of car dealership BDC structures.


I'd like to provide more insight.

How big is your current BDC? 

Are they doing sales, service or both?

Bart Wilson

What is the tipping point in size to warrant a centralized BDC? In other words, how many leads or rooftops or BDC agents do you need to have to consider one central BDC?

Chris K Leslie

It’s easier to keep them separate. Plus you can have competitions between the 2. 

Bart Wilson


How large are your stores? Can they each support their own BDC?

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