bdc tenure

Mark Rask

What is the average length of time that your bdc agents stay with you?

Jeff Bollinger

The good ones that feel that engaged, and feel that their voices are being heard in the direction of the department will stay years; the lousy ones hopefully last months

Derrick Woolfson

The average tenure we had was roughly 2.5 years. It is essential to have competitive pay-plans and to offer growth and development. 

Chris K Leslie

We’ve been lucky to have some great people who’ve been with us for some time now. 

Chris Travis

2-5 years before they move to actual sales or management of another BDC. That was a place with competitive pay plans in the area which was 5 per appointment, 10 show, 25 sold. Plus monthly spiffs. Plus high volume so top two reps would have over 40 cars out a month with the others averaging 25-30. That was without phone ups, they added those after I left.

Another place had a problem keeping people because they had a pay rate of sold times itself plus 10 per show I think. Would be okay if they were high volume but they weren't so commission was 1/3rd or less of the other place. Plus until recently the only lead sources they got were GM and a bad credit one and that is it. Their turn over was pretty high like all but 2 agents lasting a few months. 

Mark Rask

we are 2-3 years 

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