BDC to sales handoff

Bart Wilson

If your dealership has a BDC, how do you handle the introduction of a salesperson to the deal?  Are you doing anything before the customer comes in to build a relationship with a sales rep?  How can this be improved?

Mark Rask

We let the salesperson know that they are coming and also explain the process up front to the client 

Derrick Woolfson

We book the appointments under the sales managers, and they are the ones that call the customer to confirm the appointment. At which point, when the customer arrives they meet with the sales manager first who introduces them to the sales consultant. 

Mark Rask

derrick we do the same thing 

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

Derrick & Mark that's an amazing way to work internet leads. Great job.

Jeff Bollinger

Back in the day, we'd inform Sales management, they'd have a sales assoc. read to go.  When the client arrived, reception would page the BDC Rep, who'd do an in-person t/o to the sales rep, and our results were great.  It really makes an impact, having all the rapport transferred from BDC to sales person in front of the client 

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