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Cali Goff
New BDC Manager. I'm part of a four-store dealership and we will be implementing a BDC in-house at each dealership. Fledgling stage right now and are in the process of hiring and fine-tuning our processes for different lead and outbound contact types. I've been researching different ways to track leads and appointments set per sales person and I was hoping that I could get some ideas and bounce some off y'all. We use Dealersocket for our CRM - they've got all the reports needed - incoming leads by source, appointments set/show/sold, etc. What I'm at a loss for is how to track calls. We do not have our desk phones hooked up to the CRM to log calls and while I'd like to track that, the management isn't ready to fork out the funds to install new phone systems at all different locations. Does anybody utilize a different way to track calls for the day? How late is your BDC operational?
Jennifer Kidd
Hi, we use Knowme and we track our calls that way. I can run many different reports and find it very useful. They integrate with Dealer Socket, Julia Ross at knowme is a great resource P: (800) 344.1560.
Jennifer Kidd
Also, we use Overnight BDC as well.
Cali Goff
@Jennifer, thank you! I'm going to look into them today.

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