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Marc McGurren
Byron, there are other great trainers in this arena including but not limited to Joe Webb at, David Kain, and ourselves at PCH Consulting, as well as quite a few others that I have a great respect for. When looking for a consultant/trainer - do your homework, interview them and make sure that you fully understand their philosophy. Ask for references and get real feedback from dealers that have used them. Their are great trainers out there for sure! (insert shameless plug) I am a little biased, but as a partner in PCG Consulting we do this all across the country. I am more than happy to give you references if you would like and setup a time to chat. Check out our website at Good luck and let me know if there is anything we can do to help.
Tom Vann
Hey Byron! BDC Training and Development Concepts change quite a bit from Training Group to Training Group. When searching for the right group for your dealership, I suggest digging deep into the Selling methodology promoted and/or taught by each. That's your #1 target! By selling methodology, I'm referring to the methods and strategies used to gather and share information between BDC Specialists and the clients, both for incoming and outgoing calls. There is a school of thought where the foundation is entirely on "script" work leaving little room for conversational interaction with the clients. Another school of thought builds its foundation on loose conversation meant to build relationships entirely on the "friendliness" factor ...and ask for the appointment at the end. Yet another combines a clearly defined pathway towards an appointment, yet allows great creativity in order to properly manage the dynamics of each conversation (I really dig this!). From a structural standpoint, some BDC Development concepts suggest combining the "Internet Sales Team" with the BDC for direct hand-offs, while others suggest building BDC's more as Client Interaction Teams whereas they simply direct traffic and make outbound service calls. Other BDC's are severely into Business Development so spend an inordinate amount of time in Community Outreach. I've found it necessary to create BDC teams as they relate to each dealership, taking into consideration the size of the dealership, current management protocol/structure, financial investment budgets, service/parts department traffic, and current managerial practices. As a Privateer Managerial and Business Consultant, BDC Developer, Sales Trainer, and Dealership Owner, I am often booked out far in advance (and can seem a bit pricey to those not focused on ROI!) However, you're welcome to call for a 19 minute "idea share" to include all the "What-if's...", "What-for's...", and "Who does what..." of BDC development, Internet Sales, Sales, or whatever. And there's no ego battle with me about "sending you to" guys and gals who offer BDC development. There are some good people out there! Cheers! Tom (text: 517.740.6152 and I'll call you back)
mark rask
Byron, We asked driving sales to help with our BDC 2 years ago. They were able to help us greatly improve our processes in the department. I would be happy to show you the change in our sales numbers in the bdc. We also had them help us with our service bdc.
Michael Bilson
Byron: You should be introduced to AVA. She is the PERFECT BDC or Internet employee. She works 24/7, ensures all leads are engaged and uses Artificial Intelligence to understand what the customer is saying and alerts a salesperson anytime a lead is hot. Her notes get back into your CRM tool and her reports will provide you with valuable data concerning all your lead sources and even provide a report card on your sales team based on customer feedback. AVA helps turn your leads into secret shoppers and will quickly identify process lapses that occur from time to time at every store. As a former BDC Manager for many years, I would encourage you to reach out. 360-746-0751 or Good Selling.
Michael Bilson
@Thomas...You really nailed it on the head in regards to the types of BDC that many dealers have. Really agree with what you had to say. Thanks for sharing.
Shannon Hammons
Thomas, Really good thoughts. I like your incite

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