BDC vs. Sales Reps

Morgan Hardy

Do your BDC agents get along with your sales reps and sales managers? In my experience, the BDC gets a lot of backlash and blame for unsuccessful leads, which can then cause friction between the departments. Has anyone else had a similar experience and how have you handled it?

John H

There's a lot of moving parts in a dealership.. and conflict makes gears bind! Accountability and measurement speak dividends.

If your BDC isn't processing very many appointments from leads, it's likely your BDC lacks talent. Similar principle if your sales staff aren't producing many sales from appointments.

If both statistics are abnormally low, begin tracking EVERY action (phone calls, lead workflow, passoff, ect). If you don''t find a bottleneck there, reevaluate your lead source.

Friction normally doesn't occur for no reason.

Joel Davis

Hi Morgan, I’ve been running our Centralized Sales BDC for a little over 7 years now.  There will always be a little friction between the BDC and the Sales Teams....  one way we’ve been able to overcome this, is simply by communication, and holding both departments accountable.  Our BDC is an extension of our Sales teams, however both departments are on equal ground.  Our BDC works leads regardless if it is a successful shown appointment or sold... The difference is... we give visibility to all leads to our sales teams.  So they too are accountable and have a responsibility to work the opportunity, as does the BDC.  We have been very successful over the years with not necessarily equally distributing leads to our sales teams, but working with those sales consultants that work and see the opportunity that the BDC provides to them and the dealership overall....

We are always changing our processes to improve.  We live by CRM and the notes.  Sales Managers are driven by sales... and unsold opportunities... show them those opportunities and the effort that your BDC puts into them.  Maybe they will start holding their sales teams more accountable with working with the BDC as opposed to...against them.

Morgan Hardy

@Joel - our sales team does not have full visibility of all leads that come in. They are round-robin'd if the BDC rep needs assistance. We have had issues with them trying to take over leads entirely and not following up with us, or leaving notes. This causes a lot of frustration for our BDC when we don't know how to proceed due to a lack of communication. I agree, we should work together, not against each other!

Bart Wilson

@Joel, I totally agree with your "live by the CRM" philosophy.  It can help solve communication breakdowns between BDC and sales.  How did you build your culture of CRM?

Derrick Woolfson

This is, unfortunately, an age-old issue - to add to Barts's comment regarding CRM culture, we had to set clear guidelines with our managers to ensure that they were on board with managing the CRM. As to your point Morgan, if the information or updates are not logged into the CRM it can and will cause chaos. I cannot tell you how many times we would call a customer who had already purchased, or had come in the night before (never marked in the showroom), and when asking about "why they were not marked" being told it was a "bad or fake lead." Bottom Line: if they had too many ups and not enough sales it would affect their closing rate, which was tied to bonuses. All of these "bonus" or "pay plans" sound great, BUT you have to ensure that it all works together, and not working against each other, which can wind up meaning you lose potential sales. 

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