BDC vs Sales Staff

Ron Henson
What are some of the biggest obstacles you face in creating synergies between your BDC and your sales team?
mark rask
us and them mentality
Micah Lakics
I find that the Salespeople are resistant to change, especially if they don't fully understand or buy into it. Getting the Sales team to leave (any) notes is a challenge and they don't realize how much more effective we could be if they gave the BDC that updated information.
Kristy Elliott
We don't have a problem with the coordinators and sales staff as much as the managers of both departments. The feeling that one is trying to play in the other's sandbox.
Jennifer Bourgeois
This is a big issue at a lot of stores. I believe it is the GM or operations managers job to make sure all departments and/or managers are on the same page. One cohesive team all aiming for the same goals and objectives. If Sales doesn't play nice with BDC and vice versa...that is a leadership problem in my opinion.
Brandon McNett
If there isn't a clear line of communication with agreed upon processes and procedures there is a tendency for finger pointing to occur. If guidelines and clear delineation of who is responsible for each stage of the process - problems will be mitigated. The trust, especially in a remote situation like I have, is hardest to build - because the team hasn't worked side by side to build the relationships necessary to fully trust each other.

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