Best contact schedule for internet leads?

Micah Lakics
With our new CRM being implemented in a few weeks, I wanted to revisit our current Internet Sales Leads and how we attempt to reach them. What schedule are other dealers seeing works best for them? In other words... Day 1 - Phone call and email Day 2 - Just email Day 3 - Phone call...etc, I want to make sure that we maximize our sales efforts but don't want to annoy/alienate possible future customers. How far out do you keep contacting leads 60/90/180 days? Also, has anyone noticed any success with handing leads off to another sales rep after a set period of no contact?
Ricky Patrick
Day 1 - 3 // 2 phone calls per day and 1 email per day until customer is reached Day 4 - 30 // 1 phone call per day until reached // Email every 3rd day Day 30 - 60 // One call per week with voicemail. // Email after each phone call Day 60 - 90 // One call every 10 days with voicemail // Email after each phone call Day 90+ // No phone calls // Add customer to monthly email list
Micah Lakics
Thanks Ricky. Now, a follow-up question: Do you treat internet leads different than walk-ins and UPs? In other words, do you handle all leads with the same contact schedule?
Ricky Patrick
Yes, we handle phone ups and internet leads the same but walk-in ups are on a simpler follow-up plan. I also have different follow-up schedules for "Internet w/phone number and email", "Internet w/phone no email", and "Internet w/email no phone". For me, I tweak my follow-up schedule based on what my competitors are doing. Mystery shop the dealers around you and do a better job than they do. If they stop following up after 14 days, then you kick it up a notch on Day 15. If they send photos with their emails, then you can send videos. Good luck!
Micah Lakics
The mystery shop is a great idea! Now, can you share some insight as to why you use different schedules with different types of leads? especially phone/no phone. I ask because that's how we did it in the past, and nobody has any strong explanation why, other than that was how it was first setup.
Ricky Patrick
A fresh up is already further along in the process, so it's more about 1 - seeing how their visit went and 2 - finding the objection so we can get them back in. After a few weeks, we will start to revisit "Are we on the right vehicle?" which looks more like a fresh internet lead. For people who don't provide a phone number, I want to contact them in a more personable way and not as template-heavy. Also, we'll send more emails to someone who doesn't provide a phone number as opposed to someone who does. If they have a phone number, we call every day for the first 30 days. If they only provide email, then we email everyday for the first 30 days. If they have a phone and email, then I want to put more of my energy into phone calls than emails...which is why I have the different schedule.

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