Best CRM for BDC Reporting

Philishia Crum
What, in your opinion, is the best CRM for a BDC to use that will have accurate reporting for both BDC Reps and Sales Staff? Keeping in mind that this BDC takes all Internet Leads, Phone ups, Unsold Floor Traffic, Data Mining Owner Loyalty. I'm looking for a crm that allows reporting based on the BDC not just the Salesperson. Any help is appreciated.
Grant Gooley
Dealer Socket is VERY good. From the CRM's I've got my hands on, Dealer Socket has the best reporting. Their mobile solution is killer as well!
Jesse Peterson
I can only speak to Dealer Socket as well. We have been with them for 6 years and they continue to get better. I can't imagine the reporting could get much better than what they provide. There is capability to assign a BDC rep on every single sales event. We actually use it to assign sales managers to deals with reps but if you are a BDC its great because say your BDC agent Jim takes an internet lead and makes an appointment for Joe, your salesman. You assign Joe as primary salesperson and assign Jim as BDC agent on the sales event. I'm sure they all do that somehow or another but the point is its very easy with Dealer Socket. And then the reporting based on that is very good as well. We are not to the point of a BDC yet but we use our CRM 100% with no exceptions with all of our staff (my Finance Director even uses it) so I feel somewhat qualified to answer.
Evan Brown
Same here with Dealer Socket.. My BDC uses it better than anyone in the store. Some of the best reporting tools you'll ever see however you have to train your team to use it relentlessly, or the reports will be useless. Get management on board and you are good to go!
Philishia Crum
Great comments! Thanks everyone. The reporting for BDC is what's lacking in most crm solutions and that is what I'm trying to fix!
Philishia Crum
What kind of Cost does Dealer Socket run?

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