Best practices for longer term internet follow up?

Chris Johnston
As a solo operator in our internet department, my longer term follow up (60-120 days) is nonexistent. This may be an impediment to my future here and I'd like to change that. Can anyone share best practices for following up long term with internet leads?
Sheri Hudspeth
Not sure what CRM you are using we have ADP and it allows you to schedule when you would like to see that customer pop back up on your work plan so you can follow up for anniversary's birthdays, post dated follow up etc.
Chris Johnston
We are using Reynolds and Reynolds, but my concern is more for internet leads in the 60-120 day range. Our factory rep says we should be selling a lot more of those.
Shawn Ryder
Chris - we work with dealers to build a process for digital marketing to older leads - based on their original interest and how they interact with content sent (targeted and custom). Would certainly like to look at some solutions that we can help with to ensure every lead is contacted on a consistent basis, make sense?
Grant Gooley
There are a few tools out there that can definitely help with follow up. It's not an easy process. No matter what tool or trick you use, in my experience it's about building trust and a relationship with the customer over their shopping cycle online. So many BDC reps or sales associates are paid on sales or booking appointments, they look for instant gratification. This results in the customer to feel like they are being pushed into an appointment or providing a phone number etc. Ive found if value is provided to the customer, the results will follow naturally.
Russ Chandler
My experience has taught me to capture detailed information on the customer upfront that can be used long term. Data around where they are in the purchase process, they're preference for what type of help they would like and anything that paints a clearer picture of their current situation. Getting this done upfront will making you much more successful with those tools for communicating with them once they've reached that 60-120 range. You will start to see trends that allow you to bucket your clients into majorities can be campaigned to separately for a more relevant message. Personalization and relevance were the go to focus points for long term conversion like this.

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